SUSANNA ALAKOSKI WAS born in Vasa, Finland, but grew up in Ystad, in the south of Sweden, where her debut novel Beyond takes place. She now divides her time between Stockholm and the south of Sweden. Alakoski works as an author, columnist and lecturer. She has a degree in Social Studies and was appointed honorary doctor at Malmö Högskola in 2015. From autumn 2021-2023, she will also be the visiting professor at Linköping University under the Moa Martinson Professorship.

ALAKOSKI DEBUTED IN 2006 with the August Prize-winning novel Beyond, which was turned into a successful, Oscar-nominated movie starring Noomi Rapace. The book has also been put up as a play. Since her debut Alakoski has been the editor for several anthologies, written another novel, Hope You’re Happy in Prison and two essays in journal form October in Swedish Deprivation and April in Quiet Despair.

SUSANNA ALAKOSKI HAS won several prestigious literary prices, the August Prize for Beyond, ABF:s Literary Prize, the Ivar Lo Prize and the city of Stockholm’s Literary Prize to mention a few. Her ambition has always been to write books with depth that can be read across all social classes and is one of Sweden’s most prominent modern-day Working Class writers.

HER LATEST NOVEL The Traveller is the third in Alakoski’s epic tetralogy spanning over four generations of women in the cotton industry throughout the twentieth century.

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