Negar Naseh (b. 1984) made her debut as an author in 2013 with the novel During All This Winter. During All This Winter is partly a novel about a complicated mother-daughter relationship with the Westrobothnian forests as backdrop, but it also consists of a work journal about the writing process: a way of inviting the reader to a conversation about reading and writing. The book was praised by critics and nominated for the Borås Tidning’s Debutant Prize 2014. 

Negar Naseh’s second novel The Displaced was published 2016 and is a psychological drama about today’s Europe. A Swedish couple living in Sicily are struggling with everyday problems while the migrant crisis is going on in the background. The cold in Westrobothnia is replaced with Sicily’s broiling heat. With a severe and restrained language Naseh is exploring the middle class’ indifference and is creating the notion “white melancholy”, the white person’s feeling when the injustices of the world are pushing forward. 

Her latest book A Handful of Wind is a novel about fight and flight, about vulnerability and solidarity. 

Negar Naseh lives in Uppsala and she also works as a doctor.