KRISTIAN BANG FOSS graduated from Forfatterskolen (the Danish author’s academy) in 2003 and made his debut in 2004. He is the recipient of several prestigious literary prizes like the Martha Award,  the Beatrice Award, Montana’s Literature Prize, Politiken’s Literature Award, DR’s Literature Award and the Reader’s Book Prize

ALTHOUGH A FAVOURITE with the critics his big breakthrough did not come until 2012 when he published Death Drives An Audi. This absurdly humorous and prize-winning “on the road” novel tells a satirical tale about the Danish welfare state and takes its characters on a trip through Europe to Morocco in search of a healer. The success was later followed by Bang Foss’ funny and pitch black Frank Returns Home. A portrayal of two very different families in Danish class society, where some people float like corks while others inevitably sink to the bottom.

IN HIS LATEST novel, The Man Who Carried the Sun, Kristian Bang Foss boldly sets out to depict the Scandinavian Bronze Age. This epic story is about the power struggle between twin brothers, forced to share the clan’s leadership after the death of their father.