JOHANNA GINSTMARK (b. 1979) grew up as the 12th generation in a small rural village in Österlen, known as Sweden’s Provence. Johanna lives in Stockholm and has worked as a screenwriter and script consultant since 2009. She has also run a popular podcast, Framgångar och Motgångar, where she interviewed colleagues in the film and tv industry about their worst setbacks and their paths to success.

IN THE SUSPENSE the suspense series The Österlen Files we follow Maria Larsdotter, a commissioner returning to the region where she grew up. Haunted by a childhood trauma, she delves into the secrets of the area. Her investigation stirs up old conflicts and steps on many toes, reigniting long-dormant tensions. This gripping and timeless rural crime series is reminiscent of the works of Åsa Larsson and Tove Alsterdal, promising to captivate and thrill readers.