ASTRID SAALBACH STARTED out as an actress and soon became an award-winning playwright who has had her plays staged in many countries throughout her career. As a novelist she made her debut with a collection of short stories in 1985. Her first novel followed in 1988. Her most recent novels are Where You Don’t Want To Go (2020) and Lindely (2023).

DEEPLY ORIGINAL, INSISTENTLY honest and in search of both a concrete and a psychological reality, Astrid Saalbach writes cleareyed and fearlessly about, among other things, fear. Fear of the unknown, of changes, of loneliness.

SAALBACH HAS RECEIVED numerous awards, among them: the Kjeld Abell Prize, the Holberg Medal, the Danish Arts Foundation’s Lifetime Scholarship, the Wilhelm Hansen Fund’s Prize, the Reumert Prize, the Nordic Playwright Prize and the Dan Turèll Medal.