CAMILLA STEN HAS been writing stories since she was a young girl and is famously one of the most important sounding boards for her crime-writing mother, Viveca Sten. The two have even successfully collaborated on a bestselling middle grade series called The Pledglings.

IN 2019, CAMILLA decided to go it alone and step out of her mother’s shadow to published the now internationally acclaimed, hair-raising novel The Lost Village. This book went on to sell in over 19 territories, including film and television.

EVER PROLIFIC, THIS author has already started writing on a new haunting series. The Missing is the first book in her dark and atmospheric YA series about the The Järvhöga Academy. It was followed by The Haunted which was published in June 2021 by Rabén & Sjögren.

STEN IS CURRENTLY putting the finishing touches on her new novel The Forsaken, which will be the third and final book in the Järvhöga Series.


Children’s & YA