Oslo, 1988: 12-year old Maike Hagg, the daughter of a psychiatric patient, meets her death in the basement of Gaustad Psychiatric Hospital. The police conclude that her death was an accident, that the girl fell down a ladder and cracked her head on the stone floor.

Twenty-five years later Emmy Hammer and Aud Johnsen, who also attended the open days for children of psychiatric patients, meet
up to talk about what really happened. The statute of limitations for murder is coming up. The meeting proves fatal for one of the women who knows too much when fear and hatred draw a cold-blooded killer out from the shadows.

At Halloween Aud Johnsen is murdered, and her death is investigated by Cato Isaksen and Marian Dahle. Slowly the culture of Gaustad Hospital is revealed–something lurks in its past, obscured by other issues. When the mental health policy was changed and patients were returned to the community Gaustad was vacated.
But one resident never left.

First published by Ascehoug, Norway 2014
409 pages

The Netherlands, Querido

Superbly executed, nearly ingenious
Professor Hans H. Skei, Professor in litteratur at Oslo Universitet

With The Bridal Chest Unni Lindell has pretty much hit the bull’s eye.
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

Lindell really knows the art of telling a suspenseful story.
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

A Well composed and intriguing mystery that will appeal to many readers.
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

Unni Lindell meets all the expectations in the crime genre and her clever narrative deceives the reader more than once. This is the great art of illusion.
Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen.