THE CHOSEN ONES gets phenomenal prepub reviews

The success continues for Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s powerfully gripping novel, The Chosen Ones. After receiving fantastic reviews from British critics the book is now getting fantastic prepub buzz in the US. Booklist says: One distressed young face among many others, Adrian Ziegler joins the throng of children admitted to the impressive Am Spiegelgrund clinic in newly Nazified Vienna, a throng […]

Nordin Agency welcomes Jimmy Lindgren & Peter Lindmark

Nordin Agency is happy to announce that author-duo Jimmy Lindgren & Peter Lindmark have joined our roster of illustrious authors. The authors have been writing together for several years, and are both intrinsically rooted in the film business. Something that shows in their action packed thriller series featuring the complicated ex Secret Service agent Nicholas Warg. Jimmy and Peter are currently […]

Steve Sem-Sandberg’s THE TEMPEST to Faber in the UK

After having successfully published The Chosen Ones in the UK, Lee Brackstone at Faber & Faber acquires rights to Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s upcoming novel The Tempest. 

Two-book-deal for Steve Sem-Sandberg in Germany!

Nordin closes a two-book-deal with Klett-Cotta for Steve Sem-Sandberg‘s upcoming novel The Tempest (available in Swedish in September 2016), and the book that will follow it. Sem-Sandberg’s new novel is a hypnotic tale of an island overgrown by myths and legends. It tells the story of a hatred being passed down through generations but also that of a love strong enough […]

Viveca Sten sold to Croatia and Slovenia

Croatian and Slovenian rights Viveca Sten‘s no 1 bestseller Still Waters were sold to publishing house Didakta in an exciting deal.

Martin Österdahl to Norway!

We are pleased to announce that we have just closed a three-book deal for Martin Österdahl with Cappelen Damm in Norway!