An unexpected encounter awakens dark memories

Sofia Nordin made her debut in 2003, and has since then published several YA books of which two were shortlisted for the August Prize and one for the Nordic Council’s Children and Young People’s Literature Prize. In 2005 her first novel for adults was published and critics and readers alike have praised her books.

Atoms is her third adult novel and it combines her trademark linguistic style and subtle tone.

Alma finds it easier to not trust anyone, in order to avoid being betrayed. She has occasional flings with men she meets in bars, but never allows herself to develop any feelings for them. 
She understands environmental chemistry and mathematics but find humankind perplexing. Humans can be abandoned, deceived, disappointed over and over again.
When she meets childhood friend Cedrik in a bar an alarming psychological drama about loneliness and isolation, with striking references to the scientific world, unfolds.

Sofia Nordin is praised for her ability to describe children’s thoughts from their point of view with sensitivity and respect and as the narrative switches between Alma as a child and the present Alma, the adult, a sense of foreboding develops, and what could have been a happy reunion turns into a tragedy in a tale that is hard to put down.

Would you survive the Outbreak?

The disaster series begins with One Second at a time. It is published by Rabén & Sjögren and was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2014.
Sofia Nordin’s gripping, dense and horrid story about life after a catastrophe is unique of its kind. It crawls under your skin, poses questions about our existence and confronts us with things that we would rather not to think about.

The world has gone dark and it is completely quiet as 11-year old Hedvig runs through the desolate streets of her hometown. She is alone in the world, her entire family, along with the rest of the population, has died in a mysterious fever.
At an abandoned farm, she tries to survive and slowly starts to build a life. But is it worth trying to stay alive when you are alone in the world? Will she ever have a friend? Will there be someone to talk to? Will she find someone to fall in love with?

Run as fast as you can is the thrilling stand-alone sequel to the critically acclaimed One second at a Time. It describes a reality where nothing is as it used to, and still the few people that are left have exactly the same feelings and thoughts as you and me. The third book in the series, As If I Were Amazing was published in January.

The disaster series is a moving and captivating story of survival against all odds. A frighteningly apocalyptic tale deeply rooted in our modern lives.