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“Countless times I have been told about psychological thrillers that have something more.

This one actually has it!”

Mariann Fugelsø –Nilssen, CappelenDamm

The Secret Woman – A Love Thriller

Imagine being an ordinary woman who runs a café and lives with her boyfriend whom she met three years earlier. Then imagine finding out that you are the heiress to a vast fortune, the owner of a global company, the mother of two children, and the wife of a handsome, adoring man. This is what happens to Louise when Edmund turns up at her café, insisting she is his missing wife, Helene. What would you do then?

This superb thriller is always one step ahead of the reader. The writing is confident, entertaining and the multiple storylines are skillfully woven together, with an unusually strong plot. This new genre mix raw emotions with psychological suspense in an exciting combination.

From the new pseudonym ANNA EKBERG comes the novel THE SECRET WOMAN – A  Love Thriller. This is a unique manuscript, one of the best we’ve had in years. ANNA EKBERG will be giving us one new stand-alone thriller each year and is currently working on the second novel called LOVING ADULTS.

With pre-empts, auctions and offers going on this is certain to be a success, so let yourself be transported into a world of family secrets, greed, murder and lies where love will have to conquer all.