Authors are the last magicians. A couple of black dashes on a white paper – and suddenly a fantastic scene is created. For what is it if not magic when you get to think the thoughts of another person. When you experience new worlds, eras and feelings. Alchemy? Perhaps. Talent? Most probably. Hard work? Without doubt.

A story is not just something that happens. It is something that someone does. It takes someone very special to bring an idea all the way to a ready book. And we love those people. We believe they make the world greater, all of us better, and life more beautiful.

Nordin Agency is an author agency based in Stockholm. The agency represents some of the best Scandinavian authors and work with their rights worldwide on all markets. We like to say that we are the first author agency in Sweden, founded in 1990. Yes, it is true that both August Strindberg and Astrid Lindgren also had passionate people – you could call them great agents – that successfully got their manuscripts published and dramatized worldwide. We are proud to be part of this tradition of bringing the best of Scandinavian authors to readers, listeners and viewers everywhere.