The Black Dagger is the first part in a new series by Veronica Sjöstrand, published by Romanus & Selling in Sweden.

In 2008 Sjöstrand debut with Angelic, the first in her series about profiler Althea Mohlin. Her second novel, Circuit was nominated for best Swedish suspense in 2009. The author has written five books about Althea Mohlin as well as three middle grade books about the Sub Rosa Detective Agency.

THE BLACK DAGGER is the first part in Veronica Sjöstrand’s new series about Stella Rodin, one of the world’s foremost art experts, with a penchant for vintage dresses, warm friendship and puzzling mysteries.

STELLA RODIN, THE reluctant heiress to the well-renowned Rodin’s Auction House, is forced to abandon Edinburgh and her beloved job as an expert in art forgeries to return home to Stockholm. Her father is in a coma, the auction house is in chaos and Stella is the only one who can bring it back to its former glory. It’s not the perfect timing, since she is in the middle of cooperating with Interpol on a search for “The Poet”, one of the world’s most skilled art forgers.

MEANWHILE, STOCKHOLM IS plagued by a number of racist killings, aimed at mixed couples where the women are stabbed to death with real SS-daggers.

WHEN STELLA DISCOVERS that her father has been involved in trading nazi memorabilia, she realizes that the auction house could be connected to the murders. This seems unlikely to Stella, Rodin being a Jewish family. With her background as a forensic art expert with the police she is soon drawn into the case. Her hunt for the truth takes her to dangerous places behind the polished facades of high society…