Route 9 is the second standalone book in Tina Frennstedt’s Cold Case series, the crime series inspired by real cases and which takes place in Malmö and Österlen.

This time we get to follow Tess Hjalmarsson together with her colleague Marie Erling, as a controversial female artist is found dead in a National Park. On a towel next to the corpse, a weird clay is found which turns out to be the same as the one from a 15 year old unsolved murder outside of Ystad where a young pianist was tortured to death.

As the duo looks closer on the case they can not find any apparent connections between the two victims but the news starts a chain of dramatic events on Österlen.
Meanwhile a mother of two begins to suspect that her husband isn’t the person she thought he was…

Make sure to get your copy of the book to find out how story unravels, it is available on the streaming platforms, in your local bookshop and you can order it online here or here!