We are super thrilled to be able to announce that three of our authors have been nominated at this years Crimetime Specsavers Awards.
Pascal Engman is nominated for his thrilling debut The Patriots in the category “Crime novel debut of the year”  and Child of the Mists written by Camilla and Viveca Sten is nominated in the category “Children’s crime novel of the year”.

“The Patriots is a terrifying contemporary thriller about hate and obsession where a terrororganisation targets  the Swedish newsrooms. Pascal Engman, a journalist himself, asses our time’s most unflattering and petrifying sides. The result is a fast-moving thriller with great pathos and civic participation.
The production company behind Bosch and The Killing has bought the rights to the book, that will become a Hollywood TV-series. ”

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“When mother and daughter write together it becomes scaringly good!
The suspense series about the people of the ocean mixes everyday reality with nordic folklore and it takes place on the darker side of the archipelago the one beyond the picturesque getaway idyll.
It’s thought-provoking, thrilling and moves seamlessly between fantasy and reality. The series about the people of the ocean shows that you are never to old to completely devour a book.”

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