Stolen Baboon by Anna Karolina Larsson to Five Mile Press, AU

Five Mile Press, Kay Scarlett has acquired ANZ rights to Stolen Baboon by Anna Karolina.

This suspenseful, literary, and above all completely new crime novel was published in September and has been described as “one of the most interesting debuts in the genre this year”.

Author Stig Larsson praised Anna Karolina in Aftonbladet last month:
Well, it would take a lot before I consider voting Feministic Initiative. But that is exactly what happens as I read Anna Karolina’s ”Stöld av babian”.
But you have my word that this is not only good. This is a breakthrough that can only be compared to Jens Lapidus’ ”Snabba cash”.
What Anna Karolina adds is the police work. Next to Leif GW Persson I have never encountered such a solid depiction of the police procedural. And the most essential of all. The level of suspense. It’s almost grueling. I ditch meetings, I forget to shower, I read the book while I eat my lunch.

Enough said. Buy the book! Read it! Enjoy.