By Gabriella Håkansson

In Copenhagen a researcher is subjected to mysterious attempts. A woman in Brussels murders the man she has been living with for 30 years. A strange global society of encyclopaedists wants to map out the entire humanity through case studies on practically everything. Where is the connection between these strange events? Does everything emanate from the archive in Lisbon? Or is it just a play? In Gabriella Håkansson’s debut novel Operation B, the world is described as a complicated machinery beyond the control of man. The novel is divided into three parts where events and coincidences seem to branch off into eternity. The skilfully plaited intrigues also hold bizarre elements and intelligent humour that has led the critics to draw comparisons with authors like Borges, Poe and Auster.

First published by Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden, 1997
183 pages

Denmark, Samleren
Germany, Alexander Fest Verlag
Norway, Gyldendal
Sweden, Albert Bonniers Förlag

Operation B is a talented, intellectual and formally advanced debut within a tradition that can be brought back to Poe and Hoffman, Borges and Calvino.
Dagens Nyheter