By Sigge Eklund

A long since forgotten author gets an anonymous telephone call one day. Does he want to write a biography about the newly deceased B? Slightly confused he agrees to do the job.

When he searches B’s apartment for clues he unexpectedly finds a diary and starts to read. It turns out that B had quite a promising career as a film maker during the 60ies to spend all his time on a private research project. During his work with the biography the author looks up scientists and thinkers who all knew B. He is taken out onto the world and at the same time compelled into a mystery that forces him to reassess his view on life and mans role in the universe.

The Last Myth is simultaneously an idea novel and an action series. The author discusses the age old question of inheritance versus environment from a new perspective.

First published by Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2002
256 pages

He has written a novel that on the surface shines but ripples with life. A novel that challenges every possible form of delusion and a novel that could very well compete with many of Paul Auster’s better novels.
Ola Wilhke, Skånska Dagbladet

Sweden, Albert Bonnier