By Tina Frennstedt

The third book in the standalone Cold Case series, the award-winning crime series inspired by real cold cases taking place in Malmö and in Österlen.

A fire raiser is putting fear in the people in Österlen – four persons have already died. On the burnt down houses the police find numbers that they suspect have been put there by the perpetrator. The story from a surviving woman gives criminal detective Tess Hjalmarsson a flashback to a case she failed with in the beginning of her carrier.

Together with her colleague Marie Erling and the profiler Carsten Morris Tess haunt a criminal possessed with revenge.

Soon Tess’s safety, together with her new found love in the house in Österlen, the  is threatened. The past has caught up on her and she seems to be on the fire raiser’s list.

First published by Forum, July 2021.

Czech Republic, Jota Nakladatelstvi s.r.o
Denmark, Gyldendal
Estonia, Eesti Raamat
Finland, Like
Germany, Bastei Lübbe
Netherlands, HarperCollins Holland
Norway, Vigmostad & Björke
Sweden, Bokförlaget Forum

I have great expectations on ‘Purgatory’ after the previous books in the series … and Tina Frennstedt has no problems living up to them. In ’Purgatory’ there are lovingly captured environments and there are also realistic portrayals of crimes as well as crime investigations and Frennstedt’s special gift of highlighting the consequences of the crime in relation to all involved – victims, perpetrator, relatives and the police. … This time it feels like Tina Frennstedt raises the stakes as well – the suspense is extra turned and the ambiance, and not at least the signatures the pyromaniac leaves behind, give associations to horror movies.
Skånska Dagbladet

… I’m immediately there, in Österlen. … Deep down in the earth of Österlen there’s noir. If this darkness is not brought forward it’s not Österlen. Frennstedt knows that, so she does so.
Ystads Allehanda

’Purgatory’ is a real page turner written at a high pace with several unexpected turns.

Tina Frennstedt’s new book ‘Purgatory’, the third book in the Cold Case series, is her best this far […] the plotting is impressive with suspense at a high level and unexpected turns. The language makes the text a joy to read.
Kapprakt (blogg)

The pace is high and it will be a crime novel where the suspense and the story won’t leave me unaffected, that I understand already from the first two sentences. […] It’s so extremely skillfully told that it creeps under the skin and I have to take deep breaths for the next chapter.
Kustboktanten (instagram)

I would like to claim that Tina Frennstedt is one of the top three best crime authors we have in Sweden.
Bokhylla61 (instagram)

It’s an incredible suspenseful police novel that was almost impossible to put down. Tina Frennstedt is one of our best crime authors. With a background as criminal reporter she is driven and has the capacity to write nerve-wrecking crime novels where the investigation gets to take place even if the main characters’ private lives are not totally easy. This is one of the summer’s best crime novels and of course it ended with the beginning of the next case. It seems to be a very promising continuation. 
frokenmillaskanslaforbocker (instagram)

The gallery of characters is well thought out, the language is fluid and the environmental descriptions are really good! A nice pace and the resolution is extremely thrilling. Increased pulse during reading is guaranteed!
dianas_bokhylla (instagram)

Once you have started to read you can’t stop. The first pages set the tone for the rest of the book and it’s so thrilling and scary I got the shivers. It’s police work, environmental descriptions, but it’s also everyday life and relations. It’s a very good mix and a real page turner.
evasbokhylla (instagram)