By Tina Frennstedt

Cold Case Sweden brings together the best of tv-series The Bridge and The Killing in a crime series written by cold case expert Tina Frennstedt

Sixteen years ago, a 19-year old disappeared in the middle of summer in southern Sweden. The case was never solved, and the girl remains missing. Now, a killer attacking women in their own homes is terrorising Malmö. Evidence points the investigation to a long sought-after Danish murderer and rapist, the Valby Killer. Celebrated Danish criminal profiler and expert on the Valby Killer, Carsten Morris, becomes part of the Swedish investigation. In a wholly unexpected turn of events, another link is made: fingerprints from the Malmö crime scene trace back to the cold case of the missing teenager from 2002. Can the two be linked?

Detective Inspector and Head of Sweden’s Cold Case Group, Tess Hjalmarsson, is now in charge of the investigation. She’s driven, bordering on obsessive about solving cases long after the original investigation has ended. With her hot-headed and feisty partner Marie Erling, she is determined to solve both cases, before the killer strikes again.

Using her experience from more than 25 years as a crime reporter, Tina Frennstedt draws inspiration from cases she has reported on, bringing a rare and refreshing authenticity to her writing.

Perfect for fans of Tana French, Jussi Adler-Olsen and Stefan Ahnhem.

First published 2019-01-16 by Forum.

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Impressive suspense debut … From the first to the last page the thrill is present. There’s no bloodbaths or extreme violence, instead the narrative driving force lies with the police work with the empathetic and tough Tess Hjalmarsson in the centre. Tina Frennstedt has great experience as crime reporter and really knows how the fight against crime works. Fun with the changes between fiction and reality, where known main persons are named. 
Tara (betyg 4)

Cold Case: Missing follows parallelly the hunt of the rapist and the digging in Annika’s disappearance. It becomes an appealing mix of high speed and thoughtful investigative work, which creates a thrill but without bustle. Tina Frennstedt builds her plot well and gives, respectfully but real, an insight in the situation of a relative as well as of a suspect with a connection to a case which isn’t closed. She also has a main character and a number of supporting characters that you really want to continue following. … Presence, thrill, empathy, passion, clever plot – there are everything and it is looking good for the future parts.  
Skånska Dagbladet

She does not only value the authentic portrayal of the police work, but also tells a story about how an unsolved crime affects the lives of the people involved many years later. 
Dagens Nyheter

Tina Frennstedt mediates a feeling of Skåne-noir in her skilled suspense debut.  

Frennstedt puts time and effort on describing the police work, which makes it both interesting and authentic to follow … an ambitious crime novel that takes its time giving more than just one perspective on what’s going on.  

I just had to know how it ended and I have difficulties believing that I will find a crime novel as suspenseful as this this year. Cold Case: Missing is unputdownable …
Kalmar läns tidning

[…] Tina Frennstedt has put together an entertaining, thrilling and well-written crime novel where the past is seamlessly woven with the present and the intricate plot is driven with a steady hand.

Cold Case: Missing is a stylistically solid debut in the crime genre. … Frennstedt’s journalistic experiences make the police description, when it comes to the course of action, environment portrayals and character descriptions, not only to work with the suspense but also to feel handled in a believable way and reliable. 

Reading this book was an experience from start to finish. Missing is a remarkable work that combines interesting cases and forces one to think about all scenarios, although the result will surprise you in the end. […] The writing style is catchy and, compared to others, does not seem forced or cold. She put not only a great idea into this story, but also descriptions of the environment and individual characters.

Swedish journalist Tina Frennstedt will undoubtedly be one of the favorite authors.