Armasjärvi – roman i katastrofernas tid – Armasjärvi – a novel in the time of catastrophe

By Thomas Engström & Margit Richert

Armasjärvi is the thrilling continuation of Nattavaara (2020), which got great attention and raving reviews. The trilogy about Nordmark takes place in a near future where pandemics and climate catastrophes have torn the society apart. North Botnia has broken free from the rest of Sweden and is governed by a jarl who is about to lose his grip. In the countryside there’s famine and the people fight for their survival. But in the shadows of a police state the resistance is thriving.

First published by Bokfabriken, September 2021

Finland, Into Kustannus

Just like Nattavaara Armasjärvi keeps high class. It’s smart, thrilling and all too likely.

You can’t be anything but deeply impressed by the authors’ imaginations and skills in the creation of this unpleasant futuristic society which at parts is an awfully plausible option. Also well written and populated with interesting characters. I can’t do anything but look forward to the third and final part.

Engström and Richert do not hesitate to kill people if necessary. Or if it can upset the reader.