Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker‘s first book together is now out in the physical bookstores, In Memory of A Killer.
It is one of the most anticipated books this spring and since the audio edition was released on 6th of March it’s been the most trending titel on Storytel over the past weekend.

“Engman and Selåker evoke a feverish and atmospheric tone and era with a strong sense for characters, the milieu and the plot. A story – about a not so distant past – that grabs hold of the reader. This is Swedish nordic noir of the highest quality.”


Photo: Gabriel Liljevall

In the long hot summer of 1994, Sweden is gripped by World Cup fever whilst in mourning following a deadly shooting spree in Falun. In the shadow of Mattias
Flink’s attack, a woman is found strangled to death in a nearby park. Police resources are spread thin and it almost goes unnoticed when it’s discovered that the
victim is not the first, nor is she likely to be the last.

It falls to police officer and newly returned UN Peacekeeper Tomas Wolf to find the allusive murderer. To his aid comes Vera Berg, an ambitious but flawed
evening news reporter on the run from her dangerous ex-boyfriend. A botched investigation means their main suspect could slip through their fingers, but Tomas and
Vera suspect that the case reaches into all corners of society, where fear and hatred resides.

With the pathos and skill of Sjöwall & Wahlöö and the gripping intensity of Harlen Coben, In Memory of a Killer is the first part in a compelling new series by Pascal
Engman and Johannes Selåker.