Sigge Eklund (B. 1974) is one of Sweden’s most well known writers and podcasters. He has previously worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, but now lives in Stockholm with his wife and three children.

His debut Synanthrope – a Love Story was a critical and commercial success, and he has since published three other novels. In 2005, his portrait of an absent father, It is 1988 and it just started snowing, stayed on the Swedish bestseller charts for six months. Two years later he repeated the success with Waltz of the Werewolf, a dark, gripping story of how a family is broken down by one family member’s substance abuse.

If his books have one thing in common, it is loss. The idolized father who turns out to be a failure, the addict turning her back on family, the love of a lifetime who commits suicide. Therefore, it is not surprising that Eklund would eventually write his first crime novel.

Into the Labyrinth is a suspenseful foray in to the lives of four people who have all been touched by the sudden disappearance of a young girl.