Annika Norlin, born in 1977 in Östersund, Sweden, is a singer, songwriter, author and journalist. She releases her music under the names Hello Saferide (in English) and Säkert! (in Swedish). For her music she has been awarded several Swedish Grammy’s, for Best songwriter and Best female artist. Since 2009 she has resided in Umeå, where she studied part of the psychologist programme at the University of Umeå. 

In 2020 she released her debut novel, I See All That You Do, published by Weyler. The short story collection was nominated for the August Prize the same year and won the Adlibris Award. The book, which has sold more than 70.000 copies, was praised by critics  and got a warm reception from readers alike. In 2021 Annika Norlin was awarded the literary Karin Boye award.