Anna Karolina nominated for Crimetime Specsavers Award!

It is our pleasure to announce that Anna Karolina‘s STOLEN BABOON has been nominated for the new crime writing award Crimetime Specsavers Award.

This new prize will be awarded to a debut author from the past year and the ceremony will take place on the 15th August at Crimetime Gotland in Visby. (in Swedish)

Her second book NO MORE FISH IN THE SEA will be out this summer.

This is a breakthrough that can only be compared to Jens Lapidus’ /…/ Next to Leif GW Persson I have never encountered such a solid depiction of the police procedural. And the most essential of all. The level of suspense. It’s almost grueling. I ditch meetings, I forget to shower, I read the book while I eat my lunch. Enough said. Buy the book! Read it! Enjoy.
-Aftonbladet, Stig Larsson