‘The Lost Village’ by Camilla Sten was published in Sweden April 4th

On the 4th of April, ‘The Lost Village‘  by Camilla Sten was out in bookstores here in Sweden. It has already become a huge success, sold to 15 countries and a movie deal before publishing.

The magazine Femina reviewed the book saying it is “an excellent thriller” and BTJ says it is “just brilliantly written“.

The story is set in the small mining town of Silvertjärn, where in the 1950’s the entire population of the city disappeares without a trace.
Alice’s grandmother lost her whole family in that mysterious accident and has now gathered a group of friends to film a documentary of the ghost town and find out what really happened.
They are the first in fifty years to step foot in Silvertjärn, though once they arrive they slowly realize that might not be the case…

And on April the 2nd Camilla had her release party for the book. It was a great event where we got to celebrate Camilla and her great accomplishments!
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Russian rights sold for Pascal Engman’s Tierra del Fuego

We are happy to announce that Russian rights for Pascal Engman‘s Tierra del Fuego have been acquired by Eksmo. Tierra del Fuego is the first book about wayward Criminal Investigator Vanessa Frank. 

Happy Food 2.0 in UK deal

We’re delighted to announce that English rights in the UK and British Commonwealth to Happy Food 2.0 by Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart have been sold to Absolute Press.

Happy Food 2.0

The latest book from Camilla Sten is fresh from the printer and the reception is overwhelmingly positive

It’s very exciting to see that The Lost Village is finally out and it’s even more exciting to see such a positive reception from critics and readers alike.

Congratulations Susanna Alakoski and Mats Söderlund to the Örjan Lindberger Award!

Susanna Alakoski
Mats Söderlund CYA
Mats Söderlund

The award is given to authors, researchers or educators who have made important advancements in increasing the public interest and/or understanding of poetry, storytelling and drama.
The most commonly associated fields of work related to such efforts are those who predominantly see writing and and other media as their main craft such as books, essays, articles, study guides, radio, tv and internet forums – which directly or indirectly can be of use in educating the public.
The Örjan Lindberger-Award 2019 goes to Susanna Alakoski and Mats Söderlund for their many years of work with literary writing courses and literary writing education in book and magazine-form as well as their individual highly significant authorship.

Camilla Läckberg’s duology sold to Brazil

We’re delighted to announce that Brazilian Portuguese rights to Camilla Läckberg’s new suspense duology, exploring the theme of female revenge and introducing the new protagonist Faye, have been sold to Editora Arqueiro, in a two-book deal. The first book is called The Golden Cage and will be published internationally April 11th 2019.

Camilla Läckberg
Camilla Läckberg

Heléne Holmström’s Free Falling sold to Denmark

We’re delighted to announce that Danish rights for Heléne Holmström‘s Free Falling have been acquired by Flamingo/Gyldendal DK.

Heléne Holmström

Marie Hermanson rights sold to Sweden

We are happy to announce that Marie Hermanson‘s yet untitled new book will be published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag. More details to follow.

Marie Hermanson