Latvian rights sold to Carin Gerhardsen’s Black Ice

We’re very excited to announce that Latvian rights to Black Ice by Carin Gerhardsen have been acquired by Jumava.

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Black Ice by Carin Gerhardsen, rights sold to Estonia

We’re delighted to announce that Siniskukk have acquired the Estonian rights to Black Ice by Carin Gerhardsen.

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Icelandic rights sold for Carin Gerhardsen’s Black Ice

We’re happy to announce that the Icelandic rights to Black Ice by Carin Gerhardsen have been acquired by Sogur.

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Carin Gerhardsen’s psychological suspense novel sold to Denmark

We are happy to announce that the Danish rights to Carin Gerhardsen‘s standalone novel Black Ice have been acquired by People’s Press.

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Rights for Viveca Sten’s Ice Cold Moments sold to Denmark

We’re very happy to announce that the Danish rights to the short story collection Ice Cold Moments by Viveca Sten have been acquired by People’s Press. In Ice Cold Moments Viveca Sten tells in a collection of short stories – both newly written and some previously published – new tales of the characters that have captivated readers in more than thirty countries.

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Saga’s Stories by Josefine Sundström in Danish deal!

We’re delighted to announce that Saga’s Stories: Monkey Business, Fancy Shoes & a Super-annoying Super-hero by Josefine Sundström, is to be published by Forlaget Carlsen in Denmark.

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Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg is interviewed in Skånska dagbladet

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