OPERATION – SELVMORDSBOMBE OPERATION – BLOOD DIAMOND by Benni Bødker was nominated for the Orla Prize again this year!

The Orla Prize is a literary prize named after Orla Frøsnapper (Orla frog-eater)–the protagonist in Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s children’s book with the same name.
It’s a prize for and by children–children nominate, vote and select the winner every year.

The winner will be announced on the 30th May in 2015.

Congratulations, Benni and good luck!!


“The Other Woman” by Therese Bohman sold to the US

After their success with Therese Bohman‘s debut novel Drowned, which was picked for O’s 2012 Summer reading list, we are delighted to continue working with Other Press who have bought World English rights for Therese’s lates novel The Other Woman.

DEN ANDRA KVINNAN_webbBohman_Drowned

Steve Sem-Sandberg does it again!


Five years ago Steve Sem-Sandberg won the prestigious August Prize for his novel The Emperor of Lies. Although the author had long been one of the pillars of the Swedish literary scene this catapulted him into national and international fame. As The Emperor of Lies went on to be published in over to 25 territories Steve started writing on a new novel that would see the light of day in 2014 and subsequently be nominated for The August Prize, a testament to the novels great worth and the authors amazing literary prowess.

The Chosen Ones is an exquisitely written novel that spans over 70 years. Taking place mostly in the large mental clinic of Steinhof, in Vienna, and focusing on the dozen odd pavilions comprising the children’s ward that came to be known as Spiegelgrund. During the Second World War this particular part of the hospital was transformed into a special psychiatric ward for children and youths with, so called, “disciplinary problems”. Spiegelgrund was very much like a world in itself with rules and hierarchies mirroring those of the world outside. The children with the most severe injuries and illnesses were usually shipped down to the “killing ward” that occupied pavilions 15 & 17.

A myriad of voices and a rich, yet grim, character gallery will take us on a journey into, what can still be considered, Europe’s blackest times. But in his novel about this micro cosmos in Nazi Europe, Steve Sem-Sandberg focuses mainly on two different characters. One is inmate Adrian Ziegler and the other is Anna Katschenka, a nurse at the clinic. Both of them irreparably damaged by the horrible circumstances but each in their own way. Through the eyes of these two characters and their supporting cast the author shows us the true meaning of evil’s dichotomy. We are ruthlessly exposed to a time where racial purity was thought to be the key to a functional society as our humanity was carelessly set aside in the ruthless quest for unobtainable ideals.

The Chosen Ones is a new chapter in Steve Sem-Sandberg’s on-going novel about Europe during the Second World War. Although, the novel is based on a foundation of facts, it is not meant to be read as a historical record nor a documentary of the times, but as a novel about actual lives being lived.

Bulgarian rights to Carin Gerhardsen’s Hammarby Murder series sold

Bulgarian rights to Cinderella Girl, the second book in Carin Gerhardsen‘s popular Hammarby series sold to Bard publishing.


Andrzej Tichý’s KAIROS sold to Denmark

Only this week we sold Danish rights to Andrzej Tichy‘s critically acclaimed novel Kairos. Forlaget Arena in Denmark will take on this literary masterpiece that was short listed for the prestigious Nordic Council Literature Award.


US/UK rights for Viveca Sten’s Sandhamn Murders sold

Two books in Viveca Sten’s popular and internationally bestselling crime series THE SANDHAMN MURDERS have been sold to AmazonCrossing for the World English rights. We are thrilled to start this new collaboration with Amazon and look forward to seeing the books on the English

Denoël buys two new books by Anna Fredriksson

After their success with Rue du bonheur (Fortune’s Lane) French publisher Denoël have moved forward with both The Summerhouse and The August Journey. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with them and look forward to see what new creative covers they will come up with for these two titles

Rue du bonheur Couv FR

Norwegian rights sold for “Only One Night”

Just last week Norwegian rights for Simona Ahrnstedt‘s brilliant romance novel Only One Night was sold to Vigmostad & Bjørke. We are excited to start a new genre collaboration with this great publisher and know that Norwegian readers will love this series as much as the Swedish public already does.