Anna Ardin’s explosive memoir In the Shadow of Assange – My Testimony was published in Sweden on January 20th.

Anna is the Swedish woman who accused Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of sexual misconduct in 2010, a decision that started a series of world events.
For the past decade this story has plastered the front pages as Assange barricaded himself in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition.
Much has been written about this, but up until now Anna Ardin has never spoken out,
and we have never known what really happened.
She is now breaking her silence.

In the Shadow of Assange
Is a testimony of a decade in the shadow of the heroic myth Wikileaks and Assange built around his persona.
It’s an appeal for female rights –
which so often are considered secondary to things labeled more important.
It’s the story of a human being who simultaneously has to maneuver a global political game as well as an internet mob out of this world, a decade before Metoo.
About keeping together and moving on amidst chaos.
A story without monsters or angels, where heroes can be villains and the truth often lies in the areas between black and white.
This is Anna’s story.

The book is available in your local bookstore, as an e-book and audio book!