Sigge Eklund and Into the Labyrinth takes Swedish readers by storm!

The reviews are in and Sigge Eklund’s latest novel Into The Labyrinth is a smash hit. Some critics liken him to a young Paul Auster with characters akin to Inger Bergman’s in Scenes From A Marriage. Some praise the intense suspense in the book and others have clocked the author’s intelligent narrative and unique style. The consensus however, is that Sigge Eklund’s new novel is an exciting page-turner.

This haunting psychological suspense novel will take you on a journey in to the minds of four people who have all been affected by the disappearance of an eleven-year-old girl. Sigge Eklund’s writing is sophisticated and bold as he intricately weaves together the connections between the main characters and how their stories fit. The atmosphere in the novel is dramatic and dense without ever loosing pace, creating a unique piece of suspense fiction that boarders on the literary.

Since its debut Into The Labyrinth has steadily climbed the charts and is currently topping Swedish retailers bestseller lists. The author, a very popular podcaster and media figure, has already been seen on all the major networks promoting the book and talking about the driving force behind this, his first, purely fictional novel.

Into The Labyrinth has already sold to several major territories around the world and we look forward to seeing them translated for more people to read and enjoy. Read more about Sigge Eklund on