By Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman

Kallentoft goes Zack!

Four Thai women from one of the massage parlors in Söder- malm, Stockholm are found brutally executed, while a fifth one is found dumped and badly mutilated outside Södersjukhuset Hospi- tal. Fang marks on her body indicate that she has been attacked by wolves.

Zack is the successful suburban boy who has made a career within the Stockholm police force. At night, he hangs out at clubs and sniffs cocaine with the people whom he should actually be arresting. He knows that it won’t last, but yet he cannot stop. Pursued by the internal investigators, Zack is trying to understand the driving forces behind the Södermalm murders together with his colleague Deniz. Does it involve misogyny, racism or human trafficking? One thing is for sure: more women will die unless they find the killer.

ZACK  is the story of Detective Inspector Zack Herry who, like a modern day Hercules, tries to clean up the criminal underworld in Stockholm, at the same time as he is fighting the memories from a starry night with the smell of blood and grass. ZACK  is the first book in a series written by author duo Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman.

Mons Kallentoft & Markus Lutteman


Published by Bookmark/Stockholm Text, Sweden,  2014

423 pages


Bulgaria, Ergon
Czech Republic, Host
Denmark, JP Politikens
Finland, WSOY
France, Gallimard
Germany, Klett Cotta
Norway, Kagge Forlag
Iceland, Sogur Publishing
Japan, Hayakawa
The Netherlands, Xander Uitgevers
Poland, Rebis
Portugal, Dom Quixote/Leya
USA, Simon & Schuster


Fast-paced, absorbing and occasionally a little too unpleasant.
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

Excellent, engaging.
Gunnar Rehlin, Arts journalist

Zack is a very intriguing guy. He hails from a poorer background, he plays on both sides of the law and he is young and bold. This adds a spectacular momentum. And most of the time Kallentoft’s prose is solid: it is poetic, it is acute.
Magnus Utvik, SVT Gomorron Sverige

Such energy! Such fervor! And this anti-hero Zack, who definitely works for me. I like not only how Zack is portrayed, but also the rest of them. They feel believable, no question about it /…/ To make a long story short: “Zack” is a really outstanding crime novel that you shouldn’t miss!
Boktokig (blog)