By Caroline L Jensen

There are plenty of secrets hiding at the run-down hotel by the seaside. There is something living inside the walls. Something ancient. Who, or what, is Ylva Duse: the owner of the house? The terrible truth is in the blood. In the blood is also a feeling of solidarity that Vera has been searching for her whole life.

”The face turned a shade of grey. Stretched itself. Appeared to collapse from within and then (click, click, click, it went) the cheekbones extended. Ylva’s open mouth transformed into an ulcerous slab of meat as long teeth pushed through. Turned into chaps instead of a mouth. Chaps that revealed wet, long and sharp fangs. Double sets of them. Blood dripped from the teeth and landed in front of Vera. The long grey hair thickened and merged with the head. Turned into a cropped, coarse fur. Black pieces of fluff protruded from the shoulders, grew in a line down her grandmother’s back, and her wrinkly old butt had been replaced by a long and bushy tail.”


First published by Ord Text Mening, Sweden, 2011


Shamelessly gruesome and horrifically entertaining.
Andreas Roman, author

A strong debut in the horror genre and it will be exciting to follow the promised sequel.
Skånska Dagbladet