Tio svenskar måste dö – Ten Swedes Must Die

By Martin Österdahl

During a farm auction in Roslagen, a dead man is found in a hope-chest. His body is cut in half and he has strange symbols engraved in the forehead.

The dead man turns out to be the head of the Swedish Migration Board and is the first in a row of high-ranking Swedes who fall victim to a brutal assassin. Nobody knows who is next to die. Nobody knows how to protect themselves from an invisible enemy.

At the same time, the Russian Navy holds its biggest navy exercise since the fall of the wall and the unsuspecting Kursk nuclear submarine goes due below water. While the Russian sailors are fighting for their lives, President Putin coldly restrain to aid them and a new-old East-West conflict restarts.

The only one to see how the happenings hang together is the Russian expert Max Anger. Only he can stop the killer. But in the fight against the clock he is opposed from all directions. And the evil has its origins far back in time, in the darkest chapter of Swedish history. Events no-one wants to resurface again.

Ten Swedes must die is an action-packed thriller, where Martin Österdahl brings together today’s most burning questions with a living part of our historical past.


First published by Bokförlaget Forum, 2017
512 pages


Czech, Dobrovsky s.r.o. & Omega
Denmark, People’s Press
Estonia, Tammerraamat
Finland, Aula & Co
Germany, Blanvalet/Random House
The Netherlands, Ambo Anthos
Norway, Cappelen Damm
Spain, Plaza & Janés
US, Amazon Crossing
Sweden, Forum


This is a thrilling suspense novel that takes place in Russia, to where the main character Max Anger travels since his girlfriend has vanished without a trace… the same thrill that usually characterizes the final in the Eurovision Song Contest is present.
Blekinge Läns Tidning

… a detailed, hard-boiled and well-written story… He’s using his personal experience from Russia in an effective way and spices it with a sharply worded and clear language.
Borås Tidning

… intelligent, interesting and captivating.
Bokhyllan (blog)

Martin Österdahl writes so smoothly that the 500 pages feel like less. He’s skillfully combining interesting historical facts with present times. And most of all he’s phenomenal at constructing a thrilling and entertaining plot.
Nisse Scherman, DAST Magazine

 I’ve found a new favourite author in the suspense genre, Martin Österdahl. “Tio svenskar måste dö” … is a real hit.
Nadines bokhylla