Saga’ s Stories: Ballons, hide-and-seek and two Santas in a ditch

By: Josefine Sundström & Emma Göthner

Saga Louisa Larsson is a steady, smart and stubborn little person who lives with her mummy and daddy in one of the terraced houses on Sunflower Street. She likes to go on everyday adventures with her family and friends. This is the fourth book in Saga’s story.

In five stand alone chapters Josefine Sundström and illustrator Emma Göthner tells us about when Saga plays hide-and-seek at her best friend Samir’s house and accidentally wets her pants. They lovingly portray Saga’s first visit at the zoo and her Christmas celebration with granddad that ends up with two Santas in a ditch. These are just a few stories from Saga’s rich and colorful world.

With sensitivity and a delightful children’s perspective, small yet life-changing moments in a five to six-year-olds life are portrayed with real heart. Emma Göthner’s many colorful and vibrant illustrations make Saga’s Stories the perfect transitional book to use when you go from reading picture books to reading novels.


First published by Bonnier Carlsen 2019




Children’s & YA