SAGA’S STORIES – Trampolines, Pools & a Missing Tigerpaw

By Josefine Sundström
Illustrations: Emma Göthner

Meet Saga Louisa Larsson, a steady, smart and stubborn little person who lives in one of the terraced houses on Sunflower Street. Aside from Saga there’s also one allergic mother and a slightly stressed out dad living in the house. In the area surrounding it are neighbours, small critters and a couple of children who enjoy bouncing on a trampoline.

A small distance away, where Saga goes for her first sleep-over, lives Grandpa. At his house Saga feels like a big girl. She gets to cook sausages on the stow, all on her own, and drink strong coffee in the chanterelle woods. She also sleeps in her very own room, on a pull-out couch. Though she doesn’t like that. Saga Louisa Larsson isn’t quite that grown up yet, something Grandpa should understand.

In five stand-alone chapters, richly illustrated with warmth and humour, we meet the big and small moments in a modern day five-year-olds life. From longing for a pet, bouncing on a trampoline, to swimsuit-disasters. Everything can be found in the magical world of Saga Louisa Larsson.


First published by: Bonnier Carlsen, Sweden, 2016.
Category: Fiction 3-6
Pages: 128


Denmark, Förlaget Carlsen
Denmark, Lindhardt & Ringhof (audio)
Norway, Gyldendal
Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen


A book that is kind, thoughtful and has a high recognition factor for everyone who sometimes meet children in the weekday’s ordinary lives.

This book is excellent for reading aloud to children in preschool age … the narrative flows from a source in which many children can mirror themselves.

The story is superb! […] Hoping on more books about Saga.
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