By Morten Hesseldahl

A serious calculation error has put an end to Theis Brodersen’s career as a top official, but now life has given him a second chance. The war in Ukraine and the world’s arm wrestling with Russia is just a distant rumble for Theis, until the day an old friend – the Russian ambassador of Denmark – shows up and asks him for a favor.

The favor involves Vladimir Putin’s daughter and twelve Danish foreign soldiers who have been captured in the Ukrainian war zone. Together with his old driver, the ex-soldier Laurits, Theis descends into a snake’s nest of bluntness and greed.

The threads tie up in the south of Spain in a newly built hotel that never has any guests, yet can show an abundant turnover and a department where poor people sell the most precious thing they own.

Published by Modtryk 2023, Denmark

Denmark, Modtryk