Nattavaara – roman i katastrofernas tid – Nattavaara – a novel in the time of catastrophe

By Thomas Engström & Margit Richert

Erik finds his parents dead in the sauna. Since the neighbours in the village fear a new epidemic Erik is banned, and with his little sister Sofia in tow he is forced on a venturesome ramble towards Kiruna (in the North part of Sweden). There is the jarl – and Erik’s only chance to get back the farm.

The crofter Marja, previously middle manager in the home-help service, is captured by a gang of criminals who are ravaging the small villages in the Norrbotten county. At the same time her husband Mårten has gone missing without a trace. Now she has to court her warders and become one of them to survive.

Nattavaara is the first thrilling installment in the trilogy about Nordmark, a grandiose vision about a near future where climate catastrophes, pandemics and financial crises have torn the society apart. Norrbotten has broken free from Sweden and is ruled by an autocratic jarl. In the countryside there’s famine and the people are constantly fighting for survival, in a world where compassion and ruthlessness can be the difference between life and death.


To be published by Bokfabriken, autumn 2020



Nattavaara is a thrilling and easyread first installment in a planned trilogy. The characters engage and are not perceived as static, which also makes the reader wonder which path they will take. It’s clear that someone who is looking for light must be prepared to work for the darkness, and that people change when the world around them does so.