By Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

The little old lady is back! Martha Andersson and the League of Pensioners have left behind their dreary care home in Stockholm and headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas.

This is their opportunity for a new lease of life and they plan to make the most of it. But before long they are up to their old tricks and with ingenious tactics, a pair of false teeth and a wheelchair each, they plot to outwit the security system at one of the biggest casinos. However, they aren’t the only ones planning on stealing bucket loads of cash and soon find themselves pitted against a gang of dangerous criminals.

Can the group of elderly friends work together to outsmart the younger robbers and get away with their biggest heist yet? Or will this job be a step too far for The League of Pensioners?


First published by Forum, Sweden, 2014.
336 pages


Canada, Harper Collins
Denmark, People’s Press
The Czech Republic, Argo
Estonia, Tänapäev
Finland, Schildts & Söderström
France, Fleuve Noir
Germany, S Fischer Verlag
Italy, Newton Compton
Japan, Tokyo Sogen
Korea, Open Books
Latvia, Lauku Avize
The Netherlands, Meulenhoff
Norway, Silke
Poland, Sonia Draga
Slovakia, Fortuna Libri
Spain, Roca Editorial
Sweden, Forum
UK, Pan Macmillan
US, Harper Collins
Vietnam, Nha Nam publishing


Sweden, SvT


The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again, tells her tale from multiple viewpoints and gives great attention to detail… this good natured outing will appeal to readers interested in a story about spirited seniors determined have fun, raise some hell, and cause more than a little menace during their so-called “mature” years.

Instead of hyperbolic, mustache-twirling villains in Ingelman-Sundberg’s The Little Lady Who Struck Lucky Again deftly orchestrates the twists and turns in the plot through the foibles of real life, including an overly zealous housekeeper, a vaguely menacing convict, a lazy pair of crewmen, and police officers whose ageism blinds them to the clues right under their noses… captures the rebelliousness percolating just under the surface of ignored, shuffled away elderly folks… A merry, lighthearted caper.
Kirkus Reviews

They know their business and no one outsmarts seniors offering liqueur and robbery. Lighthearted reading!

…Prepare to laugh out loud as the misbehaving and occasionally forgetful Martha and her long-suffering cronies surmount a series of priceless pitfalls and fearsome foes, and make themselves as unforgettable in Vegas as they were in Stockholm. Written with warmth, wit and comic mastery, this is the perfect lesson in how to grow old disgracefully…
The Guardian

Very funny.
Dagens Nyheter

A wonderfully funny book that also gives a proper boot against a society in which short-term profits are more important and gives more prestige than the care for people.

Yes, they are kind but tough, Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg’s lovesick, liqueur drinking seniors Martha, The Genius, Anna-Greta, Stina and The Rake. And no one is under age 77. A Crime comedy drama in a good mood!
Borlänge Tidning

It is a delight to follow “The League of Pensioners'” adventures. The robberies are peaceful and clever, and the tempo is high (despite the walkers). And all the time there is also the will to be supportive in a social aspect. When I get old I will apply for a membership in the gang, rob casinos Ocean’s Eleven-style and give all the money to the needy.
Svenska Yle, Finland

Very good and very entertaining!
Jennies Book list, blogg