By Martin Österdahl

On September 11th 2001, two airplanes crash into the World Trade Center.

One week earlier, an employee from the Department of Foreign Affairs fell from a balcony of a luxury hotel in Jerusalem. The event attracts undesirable political attention and Max Anger is asked to investigate his death.

In the quest of the truth Max stumbles upon a Swedish brotherhood, with connections to powerful foreign forces. When he challenges them, everything is turned against him and he is accused of being the man behind the very death he is investigating. While trying to save himself, the clock is still ticking and the impending disaster seems inevitable. It appears that the dead man in Jerusalem was just the starting pistol.

Iron Angels is the third international thriller starring Max Anger.


First published by Forum 2019-04-17


Sweden, Forum


Parallell leads, different time layers and international and political complications. It’s skillfully built and well carried out, with drama, complex investigations and high pace. ‘Iron Angels’ is an international thriller with a well composed plot. 
Norrtelje tidning

The author skillfully weaves different political events from different time periods together, and creates a new vital and truthful story […] Max Anger really is a Swedish James Bond. 
Nils Scherman

It’s a fantastic suspense novel on a high international level […] very well written, with a passion for social justice and it’s very thrilling. Österdahl really delivers when it comes to strong characters, an efficient plot, interesting environments, international powerplay, surprising twists in the story and a strong outcome.