By Gabriella Håkansson

Hjärnmänniskan, the stubborn voice inside the head of Hans Hermann Gustavsson doesn’t give him any rest. It debates and decides, and together with Hermann it writes short texts about life and the world. Hermann is a timid man and when he is rewarded with a trip to the islands of Indonesia, he initially hesitates. He doesn’t care much for sun and exotic places and would rather stay at home with his books. But despite his doubts, he finally leaves for Semparangbang. The trip turns out to be worse than he could imagine, but the disaster doesn’t come from the outside: instead it comes from a completely different place…

This tale takes place in the borderless state between fantasy and reality like a gothic dream about obsession, thoughts and words. Hjärnmänniskan (Hearing Voices) is a thrilling novel, but also a philosophical text, packed with existential questions. Funny, elegant, scaring and incessantly intelligent, the novel is a safe proof of Gabriella Håkanssons fascinating genius.

First published by Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden, 2007
256 pages

Czech Republic, Kniha Zlin
Sweden, Albert Bonniers Förlag

In a literature dominated by boring ordinary stories, lacking philosophical complexion, Gabriella Håkansson is rather unique in her intrepid investigation of the soul and the human consciousness. Her latest novel is dense, stylistically pure, humorous, chilling and relentlessly clever to a much greater extent than its predecessor; what more evidence is needed to include Håkansson’s authorship among the most interesting in Swedish literature.

Gabriella Håkansson has written a breathtaking story that’s as artful as it is entertaining.
Helsingborgs Dagblad