By: Niklas Ekstedt & Henrik Ennart

Writing this book changed Niklas and Henrik’s lives, and it could soon change yours too. In writing HAPPY FOOD they re-evaluated everything that they had learned about food and stepped beyond the conversation around gut health to look at how the food we eat affects our brains and mental health, too.
With so much going on in our daily lives, it’s often much easier to grab fast food than cook a meal at home, and as a result so many of us our suffering both physically and mentally. Within these pages Niklas and Henrik look at how we can get what we need on a deep and nourishing level.
You won’t find a more interesting and hands-on book about this subject. The unbeatable combination of Ekstedt’s recipes and kitchen know-how with Ennart’s research and flowing narrative, along with beautiful pictures and impeccable Nordic cooking, makes this book a must-have. HAPPY FOOD brings Hygge and lagom into your kitchen, allowing everyone the chance to live and eat like the Scandinavians.
With its practical and inspiring advice, HAPPY FOOD will be your companion in everyday life, both in and out of the kitchen. Ennart and Ekstedt elegantly navigate between the “Early Bird” health-shot and the anti-inflammatory burger all the way to super-beetroot juice. It’s all about good food, and how the right meal can change your life.

First published by Bookmark Förlag, 2017

Denmark, Politiken
Germany, Südwest Verlag
Netherlands, Unieboek
Norway, Gyldendal
Poland, Burda Media
Russia, Popuri
UK, Absolute Press

The Scandi trend has transformed our furniture, crime dramas and the food we eat, and now Happy Food is poised to change our digestive and mental health. With a combination of scientific studies, advice and recipes, it’s one of the most fascinating health-led food books around.
Good Housekeeping

Even those who don’t trust easy fixes will be impressed.
Irish Examiner
“I love Niklas’s food, and it certainly makes me happy to eat it. It’s fascinating to see that the links between good food and good mood are backed by the latest science. All the more reason to tuck into these delicious dishes”
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall