By Henrik Ekstedt & Niklas Ennart

Happy food is green!

At a time when we are more aware of our health, climate and the effects of poor animal husbandry than ever before, there are many reasons to want to live a greener life. But with the ever-growing range of vegan alternatives, how do we find the best balance between health, taste and the climate?

In Happy Food Green, world-renowned chef Niklas Ekstedt and science journalist Henrik Ennart share recipes and information to guide us to a greener life that not only tastes better, but also makes both us and the environment healthier.
Happy Food Green is not just for initiated vegans or vegetarians. It is also the perfect companion for anyone who wants to approach a more plant-based diet and lifestyle. With revolutionary research results and fifty recipes that make your mouth water, it is the ultimate book for everything that concerns a greener – and more delicious – life

First published by Bookmark December 2020

Poland, Burda Publishing