En enda risk – High Risk

By Simona Ahrnstedt

The  much-anticipated third installment in Simona Ahrnstedt’s bestselling contemporary romance series is here! A page-turner filled with love, sex and intrigue. High Risk is about two polar opposites who are brought together by fate in a wintry city north of the Arctic Circle.

Ambra Vinter is a reporter for one of the county’s biggest evening newspapers. She is clever, cocky and idealistic but after having made a huge faux pas at work she is literally out in the cold.

Our heroine has been sent to cover a story in the cold and snowy eternal darkness that is Kiruna in December. Haunted by a past threatening to catch up with her she quickly discovers that the easy job nobody wanted to take has hidden depths.

Just days before Christmas Ambra runs into the ruggedly handsome Tom Lexington. He is a security expert and elite soldier who has come back from captivity and torture in Tchad. Traumatized by his experiences Tom is hiding out in a friend’s luxury cabin in the wintry woods. He is also in Kiruna to win back the woman he loves so the last thing Tom needs is an arrogant big city reporter to complicate matters. Of course, the furthest thing from Ambra’s mind is getting mixed up with a gruff, chauvinistic caveman like Tom.

Fate has other plans for them. Like to magnets they are inexorably drawn to one another. But, will what happens north of the Arctic Circle stay north of the Arctic Circle? Find out in this epic final installment of Simona Ahrnstedt’s internationally bestselling  Highs Stakes Series.


First published by Forum, Sweden 2016
500 Pages


Bulgaria, Egmont Bulgaria
Czech Republic, Metafora
Denmark, Gyldendal/Flamingo
Finland, WSOY
Germany, Lyx/Bastei Lübbe
Norway, Vigmostad & Bjørke
Poland, Sonia Draga
Spain, Plaza & Janés
Sweden, LL-förlaget (easy read version)
UK, Piatkus
US, Kensington Books


The cold nights fly by in a blur of romance, intrigue, and adventure—a cozy read for a snowy day.
Kirkus Review

Simona Ahrnstedt is really good at building stories and a skilled author.
Jan Bergsten, Norrländska Socialdemokraten

“Risking it All” (En enda risk) is a warm and well-written book. It was just what I needed and the fact is I could hardly put it down. The type of novel that I both longed to read and wished would never end.[…]
The narrative is balanced and enjoyable at the same time as “Risking it All” is easy to read. True romance with complications, but I really love knowing it will end well, that gives me an extra smile while reading. […]
This is, to my mind, Simona Ahrnstedt’s best novel yet. I’m hoping for many more books from her.
Lottens Bokblogg

Entertaining, hot and well written!
Jennies boklista

In a masterful way she [Simona Ahrnstedt] rights romance with extra everything. And flavors it with social criticism, feminism and a mission to establish equality for all people. 
4 T’s in Tara magazine

This book shot up to my first place among Ahrnstedt’s contemporary novels. Among her historical novels, “Coercion” and the scarred knight Markus Wolverine is my clear favourite. Perhaps there are a few parallels to draw between him and Tom …
Beas bokhylla (blog)

I highly recommend it, I think it’s Simona’s best work.
Sara Pepparkaka (blog)

It’s been a long time since I swallowed a whole book like this.
Carolina läser… (blog)

One can happily disappear into 500 pages of a cozy coma, but Ahrnstedt also have a bitter foundation of reality to stand on.
Borås Tidning

There are no words to describe how brilliant En enda risk is.
Ewelinas Bokblogg (blog)

Simonas books perfectly combines love, sex and excitement.
Maddes Bokblogg (blog)