En enda hemlighet – Falling

By Simona Ahrnstedt

A gripping, glittering novel of scandal and suspense that ranges from Sweden to New York City to Africa, from the bestselling author of All In . . .

Alexander de la Grip is known in the tabloids and gossip blogs as a rich, decadent jet-setting playboy who spends most of his days recovering from the night before. With a string of beautiful conquests, he seems to care about nothing and no one.

Isobel Sørensen has treated patients in refugee camps and war zones, and is about to depart Sweden for a pediatric hospital in Chad. Devoted to her humanitarian work, she cares almost too deeply. Especially when she learns that Alexander is withholding desperately needed funds from her aid foundation.

Is it because she’s the only woman who ever told him to go to hell?

As the two push each other’s boundaries to the breaking point, the truth turns out to be much more complicated.

Pain, love, trust, betrayal. Which will triumph when safety is nothing but an empty word?


Published by Forum, Sweden 2015


Bulgaria, Egmont
Czech, Metafora
Denmark, Gyldendal/Flamingo
Finland, WSOY
Lithuania, UAB Alma littera
Norway, Vigmostad & Bjørke
Poland, Sonia Draga
Portugal, Asa Leya
Spain, Plaza & Janés
Dogan Egmont
UK, Piatkus/Little Brown
USA, Kensington Publishing


Outstanding…Complex, fully realized characters, settings that range from Swedish castles to a barely equipped hospital with exhausted personnel and dying children, and a dangerous rescue mission with a breathtaking finale make this a page turner to savor
Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

The pace is fast, the intrigues are thrilling, the chemistry between the couples sparkles inside as well as outside the bedroom.
Sydsvenska Dagbladet

Simona Ahrnstedt is significantly more alert, smarter, funnier and more exciting than E. L. James was in ‘Fifty nyanser’ books.
Dagens Nyheter

The book is perfect for those who want to let themselves be seduced … Many people call Simona Ahrnstedt Sweden’s uncrowned queen of romance and “En enda hemlighet” only confirms this.

I loved “En enda natt” and to my delight is this amazing woman keeps getting better and better. “En enda hemlighet” is my favourite so far, it was a joy to read it and I felt wonderfully committed throughout the reading. … I love this book, really love it. There are few books that make me as happy as really good romance, and here I lack nothing.

Simona Ahrnstedt has become one of my favourite writers and I am impressed every time that her books meet my high expectations. I’m never disappointed. In summary, this is a really good book and I cannot wait until I get to read more by Simona Ahrnstedt.
Evelinas bokblogg

This love story is strong, hot and romantic. A real romance. […] Throughout the book, we get small surprises that give us even more to think about, more puzzles, more drama and more love. … But the best part: The sex. The sex!
Linas guldkorn

I give it a 10/10, it’s terrific and I absolutely recommend it. A book where you devour each chapter with pleasure, an author who is a joy to read.
Cazafantasía (blog)