By Johannes Selåker

AFTER COMING DANGEROUSLY close to ruining her career, journalist Selma Halilovic has moved from Stockholm to the northern city of Umeå. The official explanation is that she is studying to become a psychiatrist but that is only partly true…

A TEENAGE GIRL broadcasts her own suicide on Instagram. She has recently been reported missing by her parents, members of a fundamentalist christian group named Light of God. While the horrific clip goes viral, the area around Umeå is shaken by a number of mysterious acts of vandalism. It began as advanced pranks that many found amusing, but as they escalate the humour turns to horror and the pranks turn dangerous, fatal even. 

SELMA HALILOVIC IS covering the sabotages for her old employer but when she sees the Instagram post of the suicide she puts pieces together that noone else has. Could the vandalism be connected to the missing girl? As she dives deeper into her work Selma is forced to confront demons from her past. Will she be able to solve the mystery before she goes too deep down the rabbit hole and gets lost forever?

To be published by Forum, fall 2023

Denmark, People’s
French, Mera Editions
Germany, Blanvalet
Norway, Kagge
Sweden, Forum

“Selåker’s writing is bold, quick and provides plenty of images. The characters are vivid and believable. […] the book is thrilling and there is no mistaking the author’s joy in writing.”

“It’s so incredibly thrilling! And scary, in a creeping, unsettling, menacing way that makes me want to keep reading, and when I’m not reading, my thoughts return to what will happen to the characters. […] It is truly nerve-wracking reading from the first to the last page.”

“I read Deliver Us From Evil in one sitting, which has an impressive drive. […] [Selma’s] background as a refugee from Bosnia with heavy baggage of a missing father and a missing best friend is interesting. That theme will certainly be given even greater space in the coming parts of the series, which I am very much looking forward to reading.”
– Skånska Dagbladet

“[T]he powerful ending – it really is EXTRA – provides, as it should, a cliffhanger for the next book.”
– Göteborgs Posten