The sun is shining on the holiday island of Fuerteventura and Erhard Jørgensen, the nine-fingered hermit, is leading a quiet life tending to his goats. He can no longer drive his taxi or play the piano. Instead, he struggles to make ends meet by finding lost dogs and stolen mopeds. To escape his lonesome existence he is forced to take a job no one else wants, putting everything at risk.

Meanwhile, Africa is suffering and thousands of refugees make the dangerous journey to Europe, with some using the island as a route. While its debtors are knocking on the door, the island’s casino has been flooded. And at the island’s small airport, a film crew arrives to record an episode of the hit show The Missing, and finds a famous Dane’s missing father. But the famous Dane would rather see her father dead than alive. She is a dangerous woman with a penchant for pills and she tends to get her way.


First published by Politikens Forlag, 2016

516 pages


Finland, Minerva
France, Editions Belfond
Spain, Groupo Planeta
Sweden, Bokfabriken


”Thomas Rydahl’s second novel about anti-hero Erhard Jørgensen is just as good as the first one.”

Bo Tao Michaëlis, Politiken

”Thomas Rydahl is writing an accomplished series. The second book about the hermit on Fuerteventura is just as excellent as the first […] Rydahl knows something special about the language. With a narrative presence and short, breathless sentences that for most writers is a bit of a forced tecnique, he creates one intense and expressive moment after another. And if the reader wants the whole story, read between the lines. Rydehl’s second book is an existential quest and civilizational critique under the guise of an effective “crime noir”-plot which would have won applauses from Raymond Chandler himself. Rydahl is writing a project of outstanding measures.”

Lars Ole Sauerberg, Jyllands-Posten