When serial killer Jon-Olav Farberg is found burnt to death right after the disappearance of thirteen-year-old Amanda, Tommy Bergmann is the only one who believes that he is still alive.

Closed off from his colleagues by the heads of the Oslo police department he is left to investigate the case on his own. All clues point to Lithuania and a sect from the Czarist times who believe that a murderer can be saved by maiming a young girl born under the sign of the Aries. A girl like Amanda. Or Mathea, the daughter of Bergmann’s partner, Susanne Bech.

In Oslo’s red light district Susanne nds a video recording of Amanda being lead from an empty hotel room by a mysterious woman. On the mirror in the bathroom someone has written “She will save him” in red lipstick.

Dance with the Devil is the third novel in the series starring police inspector Tommy Bergmann.

First published by Vigmostad & Bjørke, 2016

317 pages

Denmark, Forlaget Klim
Finland, Bazar Kustannus
Germany, Ullstein
Poland, Media Rodzina
Slovakia, Premedia Group
The Netherlands, A.W. Bruna

“There is a high level of suspense in the story, as well as a large part of passion in the language.”

Sindre Hovdenakk, VG