Fall 2016: The convicted spy Arvid Storholt is found dead in his house. Storholt was known as Norways greatest spy and was arrested in 1987. He was offered a reduced sentence if he helped the Norwegian homeland security with information about another Sovjet spy, the Bear.

In Bjørnen (the Bear), the fourth book about Tommy Bergmann, he gets sent on a treacherous hunt in the remains of the cold war – one that will lead him to the greatest spy Norway has ever had, the man that got away: the Bear.

Bjørnen was nominated for the Riverton Award 2018.

First published by Cappelen Damm 2018

Denmark, Forlaget Klim
Germany, Ullstein
Norway, Cappelen Damm
Slovakia, Premedia Group

…And the way he tells the story! Sveen writes with great precision, it’s just like being in the midst of the paranoia and the chill of the Cold War. The language is lively, the suspense is intense and the characters are really interesting..
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG