Swedish crime writer Pascal Engman is awarded the Glass Knife for 2024. The prize is awarded every three years for the best crime novel translated into Norwegian. Engman won the award for his novel Cocaine, which was published in 2023. The jury reports that the prize will be awarded during the Osterøy Crime Festival in September.

Translated into Norwegian by Inge Ulrik Gundersen, the book received a number of rave reviews when it was published last year. Reviewer Ole Jacob Hoel of Adresseavisen is one of those who served on the jury for the award, and he threw a six on the dice in his review, where he said, among other things, that the author takes the step from good to great with Cocaine. “In the steady stream of crime fiction pumped out to the Norwegian population, this is a book that stands out, that wants something,” said Caroline Tromp in Klassekampen, while Marit Egaas in Stavanger Aftenblad had the following description of the book in her review:

“This is Netflix, only in real life … Scary and credible about gang crime and drug smuggling … Engman writes with great drive and commitment, and manages to create a credible picture of the criminal youths. There are also nuances here; there are good and bad criminals, just as there are good and bad police officers.

– Marit Egaas, Stavanger Aftenblad

The jury consisted of Adresseavisen’s crime reviewer Ole Jacob Hoel, festival director of Osterøy Krimfestival Bent Arild Raknes, Agderposten journalist Siri Fossing, Randaberg24 literary reviewer Simen Ingemundsen and editor of Hverdagsnett Magasinet Anne Lise Johannessen.

Pascal Engman is, of course, delighted to have won the award in competition with authors such as Anders de la Motte, Sam Lloyd, Sara Strömberg and Max Seeck:

“I am very proud and honored to receive the Glass Knife. The Norwegian readers are very close to my heart.” says Pascal Engman.

The award is designed by glassblower Pål Roald Janssen, and will be presented during the Osterøy Crime Festival in September.

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