Authors Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker release a new suspense novel at Forum, one of the major houses at Bonnier Publishing. In Memory of a Killer is the first part in their crime series Nightfall. A page turner that takes place during the sweltering summer of 1994, just after Mattias Flink’s bloody act of insanity.

photo: Gabriel Liljevall 

– We used to speak about this story during late nights in our mid-twenties, when we worked together at Expressen and dreamt of writing our own books, say authors Johannes and Pascal. In Memory of a Killer the first part in the Nightfall series, is the story of a Sweden in transition. It takes place during a summer that many Swedes have an incredibly intense relationship with. We want to throw the reader back to those mythical, boiling months when our men’s World Cup soccer team tried for gold in the US, at the same time as Mattias Flink’s insanity still cast a long shadow over Sweden. It’s a completely different Sweden, a whole other time, that many of us still remember. We are incredibly proud of the fact that Forum decided to go all in on this series after having only heard the pitch.

– Pascal Engman is one of the biggest crime authors that we have in Sweden today. Together with Johannes Selåker he takes yet another big leap forward in his authorship, says editor John Häggblom. I’m incredibly pleased that Johannes and Pascal have chosen Forum as their publishing partner for their new series Nightfall. In Memory of a Murderer is a frightfully suspenseful crime novel, with two very interesting main characters who bring us a thought provoking image of Sweden. While at the same time being one of the most well written crime novels I’ve ever read.

About the book:
HBO’s ”True detective” meets SVT’s ”The Hunt for a Killer” in a boiling hot Sweden during the World Cup summer of 1994. In the shadow of Mattias Flink’s mass shooting in Falun there is another murder. A woman is found strangled to death and soon it is clear that she is one of many victims murdered in the same manner. It falls on police officer, and newly returned UN Peacekeeper,  Tomas Wolf to find the killer. To his aid comes Vera Berg – a corrupt evening news reporter on the run from her ex-boyfriend and his motorcycle gang. The main suspect is the movie star and drunkard Micael Bratt, but both Vera and Tomas suspect that the real perpetrator is much closer to the investigation. In Memory of a Killer is the first part in a new series by Pascal Engman and Johannes Selåker. The book will be published by Forum on March 1st 2022.

About the authors:
Pascal Engman is an author and journalist. Since his debut with The Patriots (2017) he has been praised by critics and readers alike, and his books about Vanessa Frank have made him one of Sweden’s most popular crime authors. Johannes Selåker is an author and journalist with a background at Aftonbladet, Expressen and Aller Media, where he worked as both news director and editor-in-chief. He was also responsible for leading some of the biggest me-too investigations in 2017. He debuted with the suspense novel Firstborn in 2020.