Nordin Agency is proud to welcome author, podcaster and screenwriter Sigge Eklund to the agency!

We have had our eyes on Sigge Eklund since the debut of his first novel Synanthrope – A Love Story in 1999. The interest has only grown with the publication of his following novels and the launch of his and Alex Schulman’s podcast Alex & Sigge. So when the opportunity presented itself, we pounced. Sigge is currently working on a new psychological suspense novel that will be published by Albert Bonniers förlag in 2014. Into The Labyrinth has already been pre-empted in Denmark during the Gothenburg Book Fair and we expect it to be one of the big talks of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The free floowing narrative and exceptional character portraits of this multi-talanted author have had both critics and readers inthralled since his debut. There is something almost addictive in his sorytelling as he effortlessly manages to create a suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere in hos novels.